Monday, March 28, 2011

NYC Day 1

Today, we started by waking up after no sleep.
But then we went to Frank Fournier's studio and he spoke to us for a while.
He was interesting and had lots of wise words for us. It was good to hear his view on how to come up with story ideas and then pursuing them. I got a better idea of how important it is to "create myself." I guess it helps to hear it from someone else. It's important to diversify yourself from others, don't copy, but instead be inspired.

Facing Change was pretty cool too because not only did we have our portfolios reviewed by Alan Chin and Anthony Suau, but we got to see their work as well. We learned about their business and the other businesses they have been involved with. I got some advice on how to improve my story and different angles I could have taken or can still take if I continue on with stories I've already started. Oh, and I taught Alan Chin how to play flip cup. That is all.

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