Friday, April 1, 2011

NYC Day 4

ICP-Mexican Suitcase exhibit was pretty unbelievable, I had heard of it and sort of knew a bit of the background but to actually see all the negatives and get to read about it was awesome

TIME was probably my favorite place we have been to all week. If I did have the chance to work at or with any of these magazines, papers, organizations, it would most definitely be Time. The thing that seemed to really be stressed there was having your own style. You want people to recognize your photos as yours. Got to see all of Yuri Kozyrev's photos which were amazing.

Sports Illustrated seemed to cause a little drama within the group, but I'm glad we got to go. I realize my dad has a better chance of getting a job with SI than I do, but it was really great to see such amazing photos and listen to Steve Fine talk about the business and how important it is to make pictures that tell a story. That wasn't really what I was expecting to hear at a sports place, but that gives me hope!

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